2000 Watt Inverter

2000 watt inverter, has been divided into several Kind, variable-frequency drive (VFD), solar inverter, Pump Inverter etc.

2000 watt inverter
2000 watt inverter

Variable-frequency drive (VFD) also named AC Drive, now with the development of Technology, we developed and designed specially the ac drive to meet the applications and control requirements of Pump, Motor speed, air compressor, Elevator etc.

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The inverter manufacturer list

Now popular brand in the market:
  • From EU/USA


  • From Japan/Korea:


  • The manufacturers from China now there are mainly more than four hundred. Their main products are low voltage,-under 400V and low power-under 315KW.

Top 10 brand inverters in China Market

No. Manufactuer Logo annual turnover
1 Siemens  Siemens VFD 21
3 Yaskawa  YASKAWA VFD 8.2
4 Fuji  FUJI VFD 6.8
5 Schneider  SCHNEIDER VFD 5
6 Delta  DELTA VFD 4.9
7 Mitsubisi  MITSUBISHI VFD 4.6
8 Emerson  EMERSON VFD 4
9 Danfoss  DANFOSS VFD 3.3
10 AB  AB VFD 3.1


manufactuer Model Specs Price
Taian E310-203-H 380V   2.2KW US$192
Delta VFD022M43B 380V   2.2KW US$174
Mitsubishi FR-E740-2.2K-CHT 380V   2.2KW US$244
Panasonic AVF200-0224 380V   2.2KW US$188
Omron 3G3JZ-A4022 380V   2.2KW US$192

Buying VFDs/Variable Frequency Drive Tips:

1 Voltage
2 Speed Range and Control Method
4 Horsepower
5 Full Load Amps
6 Type of Load (Constant Torque or Variable Torque)
7 Special Enclosure Needs
8 It is also helpful to know if the motor is inverter duty rated
9 Service Factor

The Important:the size of VFD should be upon the  maximum motor current at peak demand,not upon the power of the motor.

the AC Drive wiring Connection diagram

VFD Wiring Diagram