Pump Drive water supply system
Pump Drive

Pump Drive is one of the most commonly used equipment in water supply system, advanced technology and modern devices has made water supply system quite simple in the present days. Now Pump Drive widely used in various fields. This is a variety frequency Drive, control the water supply have a constant pressure.so people also call it constant pressure water supply control device. This can greatly improve the water supply environment of the water supply pipeline.

According to the change of the instantaneous pressure of the pipeline, the inverter control the speed of the pump motor automatically so that the outlet end of the main pipe is kept constant Target pressure value, the entire water supply system is always in the best running state.

Principle of Water Supply System using VFD

water supply system

The AC Drive Water Supply System Advantage:

  1. Save the power 20%-40%.
  2. High efficiency low cost Small installation space.
  3. Comprehensives function with flexible configuration.
  4. Prolong water pump’s service life.
  5. Save human source, it run automatically.